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Can I order prescriptions or pharmacist only medication through the Ramsay Pharmacy website?

You can click here and to order prescriptions and pharmacist only medicines through our Ramsay Pharmacy app or website platform. These platforms are operated by MedAdvisor International Pty Ltd and we recommend you review the terms and conditions of those platforms before ordering any products or using any services offered on the platforms.

Prescription pet products are available to order through the Ramsay Pharmacy website.

How do I get a script for my pet?

Simply request to take your pet's prescription from your vet next time you have an appointment, if it's an ongoing prescription request the repeats.

Why fill your pet's scripts with Ramsay Pharmacy?

We're proud to supply affordable healthcare for the whole family, with easy ordering, supplied by Australian registered pharmacists.

Why do I need to send in my pet’s prescription and where do I send it?

It’s a legal requirement that the original, hardcopy, pen-signed prescription is sent to us so we can fulfill your order. The name of your pet and prescription product on the prescription must match the name of your pet on your order and the product that you have placed an order for.

Please post the original prescription to:

Ramsay Pharmacy

Pet Script Returns

Reply Paid 89090


You do not need to affix a stamp, this will be free postage.

How long do I have to send my prescription to you?

For orders for prescription pet products, we ask that you send your prescription so that it is received by us within 10 business days of your order date. Prescriptions must be received by us within 10 business days of your order date, or your order may be cancelled.

What if my prescription does not reach you in time?

If we receive a prescription from you after the required 10 business day timeframe and your order has not been cancelled, we will process your order as usual. If we receive a prescription from you after the required 10 business day timeframe and your order has been cancelled, we will use reasonable endeavours to contact you to see if you would like to place another order. If you do not wish to place another order or do not respond, we will return your prescription to the delivery address stated in your order.

Even if a prescription has not been received in time and your order for the prescription products is cancelled, we will endeavour to fulfill any non-prescription products in your order and issue a refund for the prescription products.

What happens to repeats on my pet’s prescription?

We will keep any repeats for the prescriptions you send to us on file so that you can order future prescription pet products without having to mail the prescription to us again.

Upon checkout you’ll have the chance to select if the prescription is new or a repeat , simply click ‘my original prescription is already with the Ramsay Pharmacy online store’ and we’ll know to pull the repeat prescription from our records.

What if I want my pet’s original prescription returned to me?

We are happy to return prescriptions and repeats upon request. You can contact us on 1800 RAMSAY (1800 726 729) 9am to 5pm on business days in Australia or email us at to request that your prescription is returned to you.

What delivery options do you offer and how much do they cost?

Our delivery service provider is Australia Post.

The following delivery options and fees apply to all online orders:

  • Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50 (including GST and after any discounts or promotions are applied)
  • AU$8.50 (including GST) for standard shipping for orders under AU$50 (including GST);
  • AU$12.95 (including GST) for Express Post deliveries Australia wide.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to process orders within two business days of the order being accepted for orders that do not contain prescription pet products and within two business days of receipt of a valid prescription for orders containing prescription pet products, however factors beyond our control may delay fulfilment. Order fulfilment and delivery times may vary during peak periods. We generally do not process orders on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays in Australia.

Estimated delivery timeframes after dispatch are available on the Australia Post website. Please note that circumstances beyond our control and beyond the control of our delivery service provider can affect the estimated delivery timeframes, sometimes without notice.

Do you deliver in my area?

We deliver Australia wide however cannot deliver to PO boxes, so please ensure you list a street address.

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